Smoked Turkey Recipes.
55 recipes.
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Brined Whole Turkey Breast
California Turkey Wrap
Cheddar Apple Ham and Cheese Dijonnaise Sandwich
Cheddar Scones with Smoked Turkey
Chef Salad Sandwich
Chicago Club Sandwich
Chile Pasta Salad
Chili Beef Soup
Chili Gourmet Style
Chilled Smoked Turkey Burrito
Club Sandwich Wraps
Corn and Smoked Turkey Pudding
Corn and Smoked Turkey Pudding
Creole Potato Salad with Smoked Turkey
Curried Vegetable Soup
Dijon-Potato Salad with Smoked Turkey Sausage
Fettuccine with Smoked Turkey in Black Peppercorn Sauce
Fiesta Turkey and Bean Salad
French Summer Salad
Golden Sandwiches
Hot Southwestern Roll-ups
Luncheon Salad
Luncheon Sandwich
Mandarin Turkey Salad
Millennium Chef's Salad
Paella Salad
Pear and Smoked Turkey Salad
Pita Pizza Wedges
Queen's Royal Sandwich
Rolled Smoked Turkey and Cheddar Cheese Sandwiches
Rotelle with Smoked Turkey Broccoli and Peppers
San Francisco Club Sandwich
Shore Leave Picnic Loaf
Shrimp and Smoked Turkey Tortillas
Smoked Turkey and Stilton Sandwiches
Smoked Turkey Calzones
Smoked Turkey Calzones
Smoked Turkey Delight
Smoked Turkey Roll Ups
Smoked Turkey Salad
Smoked Turkey-And-Watercress Pitas with Brown Mustard Sauce
Smoked Turkey, Lentil and Currant Pilaf
Southwestern Roll-Ups
Spaghetti and Turkey with Almonds
Special Sandwich
Sumi Salad
Supper Roll-Ups
Tasty Turkey Sandwiches
The Mexican Wrap
The Mr. Turkey 300-calorie Sandwich
Tortilla Ranch Style
Tortilla Rolls Ups
Turkey Avocado Roll-Ups
Turkey-apple-cheese Sandwiches
Yogurt Dip